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Written By WD

22nd IMA International Management Conclave

22nd IMA International Management Conclave -
With the Information landscape changing dynamically, the global and local business climate is changing faster than ever before. Need for better planning, adaptation and preparedness to meet these changes to be Future-Ready are necessitating the adoption of an attitude to adjust continually by being flexible yet confident.


Future challenges of virtual organizations, internet, cloud computing, green manufacturing, social media marketing, digital marketing, smart living are suddenly upon us in real terms needing organizations to leap-frog with their products and services fulfilling ever-increasing expectations of demanding customers.

Unipolar to Multipolar societal changes and US worldview to Global worldview are underlining relevance and importance of changes in creating products and developing Future-Ready organizations. In less than 40 years, BRICS GDPs will be larger than G6 GDPs. Emerging economies are looking at markets outside US for their growth. Convergence and divergence in business communication tools and product technologies are happening at the same time. Future of convergence in product design and divergence in customer services of the same product is becoming more and more complex and interesting.

In future, huge opportunities will emerge in High-Added Value Exports-oriented value chains originating in inputs with comparative advantages. Energy, water, land- saving production technologies is being developed. A well functioning innovation system will be the base for industry-based economic growth tomorrow. BRICS will be the exports market of tomorrow due to their purchasing power. Workforce will have to be more collaborative and global.

This future-readiness can be ushered in by Transformational Leaders, who will have to be visionary, inspiring, daring, risk-takers and high performers. They will have to innovate and create business opportunities with out-of-box thinking.

The Indore Management Association (IMA) as a forward-looking management association is well aware of the urgent need to be Future-Ready in ideation, planning, execution, adaptation and diversification of Management Processes.

IMA's flagship event 22nd International Management Conclave to be held on Saturday and Sunday, 19 -20 January, 2013 at Indore is designed to address this important issue in its Theme Topic: