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samir sardana

SAMPLE THE SURGICAL STRIKE IN NAGROTA A FEW DAYS AGO It is a Bogus hit planned by an Indian Clown ! See the video and see the sparks coming out ! Just like a Diwali Cracker ! Is this the trail of RDX ? How did the Indian Bania Army hit the truck ? By a Missile ? Y is the truck intact ? It should have been blown to bits ! Or was it a grenade lobbed or a IED ? IED would have also blown the truck to bits ! Y is there no sound in the video ? Was it 1 or more explosions ? Y are there no burn marks on the recovered RDX and grenades ? The Klashnikovs are mangled ! An explosion which can mangle a Klash would also shred the bodies of the mujahideen ! But they were not ! The physical disturbance and explosion would have at least set off a grenade carried in the truck – which would have then set off a chain reaction – but it DID NOT ! Best of all – even with an Indian Army missile hit – the RDX in the truck did not explode ! And if RDX explodes all the vehicles nearby would be blown to bits – but there was not a scratch on them ! PRECISION MUNITION – is it ? My My ! How did that happen ? SMART WEAPONS ! It is all a Bogus Lie ! dindooohindoo
X REPORT ABUSE Date 22-11-20 (11:00 PM)